Aromatherapy – Yes it is a thing!

When most of you think of essential oils you think of how the oils smell. What you have to remember is the power is hidden in their chemical make up.

Aromatherapy is considered to be “left of center”, but it is one of the foundations of natural, homeopathic therapies. Aromatherapy has been studied and used for centuries. It was the foundation of ancient medicine prior to the scientific ‘invention’ of paid killers.

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You can use aromatherapy with your favorite equine

Aromatherapy uses the essential oils made from leaves, fruit, flowers, stems, roots, bark and woody material of plants. The aromatic oils, also known as essential oils, work on the whole body to restore the natural balance on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

How essential oils work

You can use essential oils in many different ways:

  1. Smell directly from the bottle or aromatically from a diffuser.
  2. Application directly absorbed through the skin or topically.
  3. You can take some oils internally.

When you smell the aroma of a chosen oils the smell and the chemicals are picked up by the sensory cells in your nasal cavities.

Watch this interesting and simple video that explains how your sense of smell work.


Each essential oil has its own unique chemical structure that makes it smell. These chemical properties are the back bone of the oil and gives it its unique properties. This makes each oil useful for different situations.  The chemicals that make up the aroma get ‘attached’ to your nasal receptors and passed directly to the appropriate area of your brain giving you a sense of calm and serenity.

For example – if you are anxious, lavender will reach into your central nervous system to help with a calming effect. Or Orange may help relax you. scent and properties. Many oils compliment each other and can be mixed together to create blends to alleviate many situations.

For centuries aromatherapy has been recognised to be very calming and relaxing and very often only associated with a massage treatment but in reality it goes much deeper than that easing all aches and pains physically, emotional and mentally.

Laura Kelland-May and Equine Aromatherapy

Laura believes the best person to decide what is required is the horse’s owner or pet owner in the case of a dog or other animal. She says, “you as the pet owner knows the animal the best and has the best relationship to make a choice.”

How to select which Essential Oils to use

The primary goal is to make your pet/horse/animal comfortable. This may mean documenting all the physical and emotional issues that you are noticing.

The other thing is that you should seek the advice of a trained medical professional. NOTE – I am not a trained medical professional. I am a person who is interested in essential oils and the well being of your pet. I am not here to diagnose, treat or cure your animal.

If you are interested in ordering oils for your horse or dog please order here.

These oils come in a 10ml bottle and cost $15.00 + shipping.
All oils come with directions for use and have a shelf life of 3–4 months.

If you are interested in oils and topical applications for physical issues these oils come in 60 ml bottle. and range between $35 and $50 plus postage.

  • Reduce Joint stiffness associated with arthritis
  • Faster healing from bruising and hematoma
  • Reduction of muscle pain or Pulled muscle
  • Faster recovery time from ligament & tendon issue
  • Wound healing, reduction of scar tissue, warts, sarcoids, scratches, mud fever, ring worm, rain rot, respiratory concerns.

Please send me an Email – thistleridge @ (remove spaces)

How to order

Please contact via email – thistleridge (at) replace (at) with @ and remove spaces.

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Senior Judge and Horse Enthusiast at Thistle Ridge Stables
I work with people and horses, specializing in helping others to succeed, working past emotional and other training 'blocks' to create a successful winning team.
Also visit for more training tips.
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I work with people and horses, specializing in helping others to succeed, working past emotional and other training 'blocks' to create a successful winning team. Also visit for more training tips.

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