Aromatherapy for Large Animals

English: Drop nose-band on bay horse

Horses have a powerful sense of smell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Horses are my thing and I use essential oils daily. So, for me it just made sense to use essential oils with horses.

You would think that due to the size of a horse, some weighing near on a ton, that more essential oil would have to be used. This is not the case. As far as safety goes, larger animals can process larger amounts of essential oil. They do have a powerful sense of smell and are generally sensitive to oils so dilute, dilute dilute seems to be the method of choice.

I have used essential oils for horses aromatically for calming, topically for scrapes and sunburn as well as internally for internal parasites. There are virtually no boundaries when using essential oils with horses. You must approach each horse with an open mind and remember that each horse is an individual.

Horses are individuals

We have all been programmed for an instant cure and quick fix. It is surrounding us at every turn. You have a headache? then take this pill, Do your muscles ache then take this medication. We believe a pill, rub or doctor remove every pain or disease. Healing is not a quick fix. Healing is a process that gets to the root of the issue. Healing is not a bandaid, quick fix.

For example with massaging a horse I may come along and see a totally different issue than the previous therapist. It doesn’t make either of us wrong. We are looking at and for, different things. We as professionals and people are shaped by our own experiences. I may come along and identify a different area based on my own experiences with my own horses, riding and clients. The previous therapist may have addressed one area, and rightly so. If they had not massaged the area they had, I may not have been able to identify the next area to address.

I believe the key to effective healing is finding the best fit for you and your horse at whatever stage you are at. Don’t make the mistake that if you had a bad massage experience, a bad veterinary diagnosis, or a weird energy healer that all practitioners working under that banner are going to also be ‘bad’. Each of us bring our own experience and energy to the table.

A truly gifted healing experience may comes down to the intention of the practitioner and/or the client, and no matter what modality they used on the day.

We have sometimes thought, due to a positive experience, that our massage therapist can do no wrong one week and then the next week you never want to see them again. The relationship and respect you hold for each other and your horse should be the foundation of your relationship AND the positive energy flowing can have a beneficial effect on everyone.

negative thoughts can block or inhibit any healing process

Healing is a dynamic and personal process. We have to treat horses as individuals to ensure a positive process for each horse as an individual.

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Senior Judge and Horse Enthusiast at Thistle Ridge Stables
I work with people and horses, specializing in helping others to succeed, working past emotional and other training 'blocks' to create a successful winning team.
Also visit for more training tips.
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I work with people and horses, specializing in helping others to succeed, working past emotional and other training 'blocks' to create a successful winning team. Also visit for more training tips.

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