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Spring into Spring with Essential Oils

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Spring Into Summer

Spring into Spring with Essential Oils
Be healthy – use your oils.

Seasons are changing, and spring is FINALLY here. The leaves are popping and the plants are sprouting.

Fill your house with the spring aroma of fresh flowers and evergreen boughs. We’ve got the solution and the essential oils to make it easy for you.

Spring into Summer – Essential Oils

Spring into Spring- Essential Oils


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What are some red flags everyone needs to watch out for when purchasing Essential Oils?

essential oils for horses, essential oil expert, essential oil Ottawa, animal aromatherapist

Are you interested in using essential oils with your horse and don’t know where to start? Well you aren’t the only one!

There is so much contradictory information regarding essential oils and what to use but here are some RED FLAGs to watch out for when using essential oils with your horse.

The Quality of the Essential Oils

essential oils for your horse,

Quality is important

Make sure your oils are THERAPEUTIC GRADE Essential oils.

It should say on the bottle.

Oils purchased at grocery stores and department stores may not be therapeutic grade oils. If you are unsure, check the bottle it should say therapeutic grade.

Oils of inferior grade, at best, will have no effect on your horse and at worst may cause an allergic reaction. It may not be from the oil, but rather from the synthetic products that are used by some companies to thin out and stretch the oils.

Essential oils should be backed up by third party testing

Essential oils should be tested to ensure their purity and their ability to meet testing standards. Essential oils suppliers test each shipment of essential oil to ensure the oil they receive from their supplier meets their specific requirements.

Your supplier of essential oils should be able to identify that their oils are tested to maintain a quality product.

Expensive is not always better

Essential oils can be expensive. That is to say if you are getting good quality oils without any synthetics or additives mixed into the bottle. This means that good quality essential oils will cost more than poor quality substitute.

Rose oil, for example, takes approximately 250 pounds of rose blossoms to produce 1 oz – 30 ml – of rose essential oil. This is one of the most expensive oils.

It also means that more expensive does not always equal better quality. It just means they are charging more.


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Essential Oils for Horses – Lavender

essential oils for horse, laura kelland-may, essential oil expert, animal aromatherapist

Essential Oils for Horses – Lavender

Ever wonder how to use essential oils into your horse’s routine?
Well… now you know.

Get Your Cheat Sheet Here  

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Aromatherapy – Yes it is a thing!

When most of you think of essential oils you think of how the oils smell. What you have to remember is the power is hidden in their chemical make up.

Aromatherapy is considered to be “left of center”, but it is one of the foundations of natural, homeopathic therapies. Aromatherapy has been studied and used for centuries. It was the foundation of ancient medicine prior to the scientific ‘invention’ of paid killers.

essential oils for horses, animal aromatherapy, essential oil expert, essential oils Ottawa

You can use aromatherapy with your favorite equine

Aromatherapy uses the essential oils made from leaves, fruit, flowers, stems, roots, bark and woody material of plants. The aromatic oils, also known as essential oils, work on the whole body to restore the natural balance on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

How essential oils work

You can use essential oils in many different ways:

  1. Smell directly from the bottle or aromatically from a diffuser.
  2. Application directly absorbed through the skin or topically.
  3. You can take some oils internally.

When you smell the aroma of a chosen oils the smell and the chemicals are picked up by the sensory cells in your nasal cavities.

Watch this interesting and simple video that explains how your sense of smell work.


Each essential oil has its own unique chemical structure that makes it smell. These chemical properties are the back bone of the oil and gives it its unique properties. This makes each oil useful for different situations.  The chemicals that make up the aroma get ‘attached’ to your nasal receptors and passed directly to the appropriate area of your brain giving you a sense of calm and serenity.

For example – if you are anxious, lavender will reach into your central nervous system to help with a calming effect. Or Orange may help relax you. scent and properties. Many oils compliment each other and can be mixed together to create blends to alleviate many situations.

For centuries aromatherapy has been recognised to be very calming and relaxing and very often only associated with a massage treatment but in reality it goes much deeper than that easing all aches and pains physically, emotional and mentally.

Laura Kelland-May and Equine Aromatherapy

Laura believes the best person to decide what is required is the horse’s owner or pet owner in the case of a dog or other animal. She says, “you as the pet owner knows the animal the best and has the best relationship to make a choice.”

How to select which Essential Oils to use

The primary goal is to make your pet/horse/animal comfortable. This may mean documenting all the physical and emotional issues that you are noticing.

The other thing is that you should seek the advice of a trained medical professional. NOTE – I am not a trained medical professional. I am a person who is interested in essential oils and the well being of your pet. I am not here to diagnose, treat or cure your animal.

If you are interested in ordering oils for your horse or dog please order here.

These oils come in a 10ml bottle and cost $15.00 + shipping.
All oils come with directions for use and have a shelf life of 3–4 months.

If you are interested in oils and topical applications for physical issues these oils come in 60 ml bottle. and range between $35 and $50 plus postage.

  • Reduce Joint stiffness associated with arthritis
  • Faster healing from bruising and hematoma
  • Reduction of muscle pain or Pulled muscle
  • Faster recovery time from ligament & tendon issue
  • Wound healing, reduction of scar tissue, warts, sarcoids, scratches, mud fever, ring worm, rain rot, respiratory concerns.

Please send me an Email – thistleridge @ (remove spaces)

How to order

Please contact via email – thistleridge (at) replace (at) with @ and remove spaces.

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Aromatherapy for Large Animals

English: Drop nose-band on bay horse

Horses have a powerful sense of smell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Horses are my thing and I use essential oils daily. So, for me it just made sense to use essential oils with horses.

You would think that due to the size of a horse, some weighing near on a ton, that more essential oil would have to be used. This is not the case. As far as safety goes, larger animals can process larger amounts of essential oil. They do have a powerful sense of smell and are generally sensitive to oils so dilute, dilute dilute seems to be the method of choice.

I have used essential oils for horses aromatically for calming, topically for scrapes and sunburn as well as internally for internal parasites. There are virtually no boundaries when using essential oils with horses. You must approach each horse with an open mind and remember that each horse is an individual.

Horses are individuals

We have all been programmed for an instant cure and quick fix. It is surrounding us at every turn. You have a headache? then take this pill, Do your muscles ache then take this medication. We believe a pill, rub or doctor remove every pain or disease. Healing is not a quick fix. Healing is a process that gets to the root of the issue. Healing is not a bandaid, quick fix.

For example with massaging a horse I may come along and see a totally different issue than the previous therapist. It doesn’t make either of us wrong. We are looking at and for, different things. We as professionals and people are shaped by our own experiences. I may come along and identify a different area based on my own experiences with my own horses, riding and clients. The previous therapist may have addressed one area, and rightly so. If they had not massaged the area they had, I may not have been able to identify the next area to address.

I believe the key to effective healing is finding the best fit for you and your horse at whatever stage you are at. Don’t make the mistake that if you had a bad massage experience, a bad veterinary diagnosis, or a weird energy healer that all practitioners working under that banner are going to also be ‘bad’. Each of us bring our own experience and energy to the table.

A truly gifted healing experience may comes down to the intention of the practitioner and/or the client, and no matter what modality they used on the day.

We have sometimes thought, due to a positive experience, that our massage therapist can do no wrong one week and then the next week you never want to see them again. The relationship and respect you hold for each other and your horse should be the foundation of your relationship AND the positive energy flowing can have a beneficial effect on everyone.

negative thoughts can block or inhibit any healing process

Healing is a dynamic and personal process. We have to treat horses as individuals to ensure a positive process for each horse as an individual.

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How to use Essential Oils Safely

There has been an increase in interest in essential oils. Some stores and shops have popped up with essential oils. But beware! they may not be what you think they are!

  1. Make sure they are pure therapeutic essential oils.
    Some manufacturers are just that. Manufacturers. They make essential oils. Pure therapeutic grade oils are not manufactured but rather obtained from plant material. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils have:
    – no fillers
    – no preservatives
    – no additives
    they just have pure substances from the plant. If it doesn’t say Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils… then don’t use it.

    essential oil expert, essential oils Ottawa, essential oil synergy, essential oils Ottawa, essential oil canada, doerra Ottawa

    Lavenda Angustifolia

  2. Dilute essential oils when using topically on the skin. 
    Some essential oils are fine to use “neat” (without dilution) but most should be used diluted with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, jojoba oil or almond oil. Some oils you can use without dilution are:
    – Lavender
    – Chamomile
    – Rose.
    To check to see if you have a reaction to any oils try a small amount of the oil on the inside of your elbow. If you are concerned you may have a reaction do not continue to use it. Dilute with carrier oil. Do not wash off with water as this will disperse the oil over the skin more as oil and water do not mix. Apply carrier oil or even olive oil to dilute and wipe off.

    Dilute essential oils when using with children. This means use 5 drops of lavender (for example) and mix it with 20 drops of carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil). Mix the oils in a essential oil container/bottle and then apply the oil to your child. If you are concerned about the oils being too potent, you can dilute further- this means 5 drops of lavender oil and 40 drops carrier oil. You will still get the benefits of the oil even if it is diluted in this fashion.
    Do not “test”oils on your hands or on the hands of your children. They may touch their face and eyes which will transport the oil to the most sensitive part of their body.
    For additional information about how to use essential oil safely please visit this awesome website:

  3. Use oils Aromatically.
    essential oil expert, essential oils Ottawa, Laura kelland-MayThis means put essential oils in a diffuser. Diffusers create a small mist which distributes the essential oils throughout your home. This is particularly helpful if you have someone with a cold. Putting eucalyptus or peppermint oil in a diffuser can help with sinus conjestion.
    And if you have a hard time getting to sleep then diffusing lavender may help relax then and
  4. Caution using essential oils internally.
    You can use essential oils internally. Make sure it is labelled with a “Supplement Facts Box”. This should include instructions and cautionary notes. If you are unsure, then don’t take them internally. Remember essential oils are powerful and a little goes a long way. Never take more than 1 – 2 drops at a time.

What’s your favorite way to use essential oils?

Leave a comment and let us know how you use your essential oils!


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Google HANGOUT! – Essential Oils

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3 Easy Steps to Sooth a Sun-burnt Muzzle

Does your horse get sunburn? or at least occasional sun burn on his/her nose.

Well take a look at this!

sun burn

Sun-Burnt Muzzle

This is K-Leigh’s muzzle. After 2 days out in the sun her pink skin was burned, sore and red. I happened to be away for four days and the young women who were looking after the stable noticed the redness in K-leigh’s muzzle.

They looked after it as best they could. They put anti-bacterial cream on it and also diaper cream. This picture is after 4 days of polysporin and zinc oxide.  Still looks pretty sore right?

When I arrived home I saw her muzzle and it was hot and sore to touch, although it didn’t slow down her eating ability. She holds up her end of the bargain of “eats like a horse”!

It was red, sore and seemingly not getting better, so I did what any horse owner would do…

got out my essential oils and made a sunburn blend to put on her nose!

the blend, which includes , beeswax, FCO and coconut oil as well as essential oils for skin worked a charm and after three days, her nose was almost back to normal!.

sun burned nose, horse muzzle, essential oils and horses, essential equines July2014 010 July2014 030

After 4 days her nose was virtually burnt to a crisp the Velvet Muzzle Salve saved her skin and relieved the red and soreness.

An added bonus, the Salve I used I made myself and can be used on other cuts, sores and bites. I use it routinely on those pesky bites on the horse’s chest and underneath their jowl. As well I swipe a bit in their ears to soften any scabs they may have in their ears as well as detering flies who happen to get into their ears. All in all a great find!

Do you have a success story using essential oils with your horse? Well…. we’d like to hear about it.


Step 1

Do not use oils, gels or lotions. Although polysporin and antibacterial cream seemed like a good idea, the petroleum jelly just sits on the top of the skin, and even in some cases may casue more sun burn.

Step 2

Use your essential oils. For this I used:

Velvet Muzzle Salve for Sun Burn Relief

Velvet Muzzle Salve for Sun Burn Relief

  • Fractionated Coconut oil
  • beeswax
  • lavender essential oil
  • Helichrysum Essential oil
  • Frankincense Essential oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Organic Vitamin E

Step 3

Use a little and often. I used the ‘Velvet Muzzle Skin Salve’ 3 or 4 times per day. Each time I just swiped it onto her nose. It is consistency of soft soap and glides on smoothly over her muzzle.

I also put it on her ears and the front of her chest to relief itchiness from those pesky flies!
Fill out this form if you would like to try some Velvet Muzzle Salve for yourself
Would you like to try some?

and you could have your own sample!


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If you are frustrated by your lack of weight loss, maybe your doing it wrong!

Has this ever happened to you? You get on the scale and you are elated you have successfully dropped the weight you wanted to lose.

Weight and height are used in computing body m...

Weight Loss is a Multi-Million Dollar Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, you get back on the scale a few days later, you have put them back on again? I know I have.

And you are not alone. If you are like me and are challenged my weight loss you are not alone. This is a huge industry and getting weight off an keeping it off is a multi-million dollar niche market.

Part of the industry is really helping us lose weight but, I don’t know about you, I get the feeling there are some un-mentioned rules about weight loss people are just not into sharing because they really don’t want us to get healthy and lose that weight. And by THEY I mean the people who are selling weight loss products.

Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Essential oils are not a magic bullet. Don’t take 3 drops of this and 4 drops of that and expect to wake up 10pounds lighter. Essential oils can, however, be a part of a healthy lifestyle to help curb cravings and support your body to lose weight.

Oils address a root cause of why you maybe overweight. Emotional eating, stress eating, unbalanced diet, cravings, these can be addressed with essential oils.Using essential oils for weight loss is NOT a cure-all. But it can be the part of a lifestyle change that gets your body over the plateau or hump it’s been struggling with. If you are an ’emotional’ eater I use and recommend this book Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing I have used it to help in many areas of my life (not just with eating).

To look at weight loss as a single entity would be wrong. The smart way to look at weight loss is to think of how your daily routine is impacting your weight loss/gain.

To isolate your lack of weight loss and say, you must eat cabbage for a week to lose weight, would give you a net loss for a few weeks but to sustain this loss, you have to change your habits. This approach would only lead you to believe if you only eat cabbage you would lose weight. And it will, but it is an unbalanced, quick fix which will not be sustainable.

When coupled with a holistic approach, using essential oils for weight loss can help you address many of these things. Therapeutic grade essential oils are known to have a positive affect on the physical well-being, can address emotions and stress, and impacts our inner work that is undoubtedly tied to everything we do or struggle with.

Quality of Essential Oils

365 weekly theme, #2.7, daily routine

Your Daily Routine is Impacting Your Weight Loss(Photo credit: GmanViz)

Not all essential oils are made equally. When purchasing oils check the label. The label should say THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils. If the label doesn’t say therapeutic grade put it back on the shelf. It is of no use to you.

I use a brand called doTERRA oils and they have exceeded the Therapeutic grade and developed their own grade – CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils. The essential oil industry is unregulated so the oil you by from your local supplier may or may not be pure. The oil found at the grocery store, health food store or drug store are purchased from whole-salers which may or may not be concerned about quality control.

Some suppliers, in an effort to make better return on investment (i.e. more money) thin the oils with additives and solvents. These chemicals are used to help bolster volume but it reduces the effectiveness of the oils.

A LOT goes into creating a therapeutic grade essential oil. The best essential oil brands follow these guidelines:

  • Proper plant varieties
  • Grown in their indigenous region around the world
  • Grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc
  • Harvested with precise timing to ensure peak properties
  • Extracted with proper temp and pressure to preserve oil molecules
  • Third-party testing of each and every batch
  • Stand behind the internal use of their oils

Metabolic of Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Using these oils separately is a possibility, but it’s the unique proportions of this blend and the quality of these oils that make the difference in the therapeutic support they offer.

There are many essential oils that can support your weight loss efforts, but sometimes a specialty metabolic blend can give you that boost to stop cravings. A metabolic blend can balance your appetite, increase your energy, balance your metabolism, uplift your mood and more.

Consider the following oils in your own metabolic blend.

  • Grapefruit: As one of the top essential oils for weight loss, grapefruit has been shown to help with cellulite, overeating, weight loss, and toning, as well as stress, and uplifting the mind and thoughts. On emotional and spiritual levels, grapefruit is said to address a person’s self-acceptance, self-abuse, eating disorders, and body image.
  • Lemon: This oil has a gentle detoxifying affect on the body, increases physical energy levels, and may address intestinal parasites and a multitude of digestive ailments. On an emotional and spiritual level it can affect a person’s self-judgments and self-approval.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is great for a huge array of digestive issues, stimulates the mind, and helps with candida (which often influences weight). Emotionally and spiritually it it uplifts heavy emotions, such as depression, and increases optimism and motivation.
  • Ginger: Ginger is well-known for digestion or digestive issues. It also increases energy, warms the body, and acts as a tonic and a stimulant to the system. Emotionally and spiritually, ginger creates empowerment. Its warming and stimulating properties stimulates our inner strength, our willingness to change, and our refusal to being powerless or defeated in our life.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon is said to enhance the work of all the other essential oils for weight loss. With that it’s also been found to impact healthy insulin levels, improve digestion and circulation, gently detox the body, stimulates the immune system, and even increases libido. Emotionally and spiritually, cinnamon is said to increase our self-love, improve our body image and acceptance, and allows us to feel free to be ourselves.

These oils will help. But sustained small incremental habits over a consistent period will help you achieve your weight loss goals or any goals really. The Slim & Sassy blend has no caffeine, sugars, artificial (flavors, colors or preservatives), and it has no harmful side effects.

How to Use Slim & Sassy

You can use this oil:

  • Internally – Just pop a couple of drops into your water bottle and shake it up. The oils may float to the top so shake the bottle before drinking.
  • Aromatically – Can be diffused or inhaled directly.
  • Topically – Can be applied directly to the skin or within a carrier oil, such as franctioinated coconut oil. Diluting the oils is recommended for young or sensitive skin. If you think you may have sensitive skin, do a patch test to see if there is a reaction.
PLEASE NOTE – taking essential oils internally is not recommended for most essential oils. Check the label of your oil. The bottle should say “Generally Recognized As Safey” by the FDA (21CFR182.20) or it says Can be taken internally. If it does not have this designation… then do not take it internally.
ALSO – Citrus oils such as grapefruit, orange, lemon may cause photosensitivity (sunburn). Don’t apply in the eyes, nose, or ears, and consult your doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing and keep out of eyes, ears, or nose.





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using essential oils can be dangerous – Best practice’s for using essential oils so you don’t get burned

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